Red Sea is a deeply relaxing, environmentally conscious original desert jazz band that soothes the soul.

Love is Like an Ocean

Here's our beautiful new video for Love is Like an Ocean describing the extremes of new found love. Beautiful & terrifying, calm then tempestuous, plain sailing then storm battered - we've all had our boats rocked this way.

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The cycles and tides of the sea are driven by the Sun, Moon and Earth’s rotations and so mark time and season. The sea is connected to deep time, having marked these cycles for millions of years.

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The SeaRed Sea
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Jazz music from the heart of Nottingham, UK.

Join the UK's smoothest Jazz band on a musical exploration of the beauty in nature.


Unwind and chill out with our mellow, soulful and descriptive jazz music.


Think Billie Holiday meets Norah
Jones in a Bedouin tent on the sun-drenched shores of the Red Sea.


James wrote Small Birds in early 2019 after watching a flock of small birds drive away a kestrel, at a time when the far-right and populism was rearing its ugly head in Europe and America.


Small Birds

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The plight and collective strength of the birds is a metaphor and a tribute to the ability of people to stand together against these hawkish forces.

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Small BirdsRed Sea
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Love is Like an Ocean was selected by BBC Introducing and played on Radio Nottingham’s Breakfast, Afternoon and Evening shows in summer 2020. We also featured twice on BBC Introducing in 2019.

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Dive in and explore nature's beauty as we journey along rivers and lakes, through forests and deserts and out into the wide, wide ocean.

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